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south kilworth Primary School

South KilworthCofE Primary School

Curriculum Frameworks

Here at South Kilworth Church of England Primary School we provide a broad and balanced curriculum delivering outstanding learning opportunities for children.

Our curriculum design is sequenced and underpinned by reading, as research shows that reading is the foundation stone of knowledge. Research has shown that children who enjoy reading and can read well by the age of 11 have the door opened to new discoveries and wider interests, to knowledge, creativity and confidence. Reading is the key to unlocking every child’s full potential and opens up a world of possibilities.

Building on a strong foundation of reading, pupils then have the knowledge and skills to write to at greater depth and have the comprehension skills to understand how different kinds of texts are structured, and how they can use this to follow a story or argument. Children learn how to summarise and clarify what they have learned from a text, and to identify for themselves sections or concepts they haven’t understood.

The core reading themes and subject concepts are organised so that the children will continually build on prior knowledge and revisit these key concepts throughout their primary career through planned links within the other curriculum subjects; ultimately ensuring that these key skills and knowledge are embedded in the long-term memory with a mastery understanding. The curriculum is aligned to the National Curriculum endpoints and is sequenced in such a way to enable all pupils to meet them. Subject leaders ensure that all pupils can access the curriculum, including the most disadvantaged, more able and SEND pupils. A refurbished library with new books has been created to emphasise the central importance we give to reading, and this resource can be accessed by all pupils.

During our curricular review we are gathering feedback from a range of community stakeholders to ascertain the necessary features and attributes felt important for our pupils to develop further in character education. As a consequence, outdoor learning is being established to support the Personal Development of pupils’ resilience, teamwork and confidence, to enhance knowledge and vocabulary links with curriculum subjects and to improve practical skills in outdoor learning.

As a church school with a Christian foundation, we use the curriculum to find ways to explore pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and to include our local communities. We provide a range of experiences, including trips and visits, to enable pupils to understand and respect those from other faiths and communities and also appreciate that people live their lives differently.

LearnAT Curriculum and Pedagogy Framework