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south kilworth Primary School

South KilworthCofE Primary School

School Ambassadors


Our School Ambassadors


Sporting Ambassadors

“ Hello, I am a sporting ambassador. I help by running clubs, getting people ready for competitions & sports day. I applied to this job because I am a really sporty person and I love sports. My favourite sport is dance.”

“ Hello, I volunteered to be a sporting ambassador because I wanted to help other kids get involved in sports. The things I do encourage the younger ones to like sport and I run sports clubs and lunch time.”


Super Leaders

“Greetings, I am a super leader. I volunteered for this role because I am kind and great with younger children. I do my job on Fridays and I like helping children who have been injured or need to play a new game. I like my job.”

“ I am in year 6 and I am a super leader. I think my job is very important because I am always here and happy to help. I recommend other class mates to be super leaders.”