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south kilworth Primary School

South KilworthCofE Primary School

Tall Oaks

Welcome to Tall Oaks Class

Tall Oaks class is taught by Mrs Wood and Mrs Jones in the Old School Room and their Teaching Assistants are Miss Clarke, Mrs Freeman and Mrs Scoffield. 

What We are Learning About This Half Term

Our new topic (focused on science) is called ‘Separating Mixtures’ where we will be finding out how materials can be changed, compared and separated in lots of fun and exciting ways.

Class Reading

As a class we are reading ‘The Wreck of the Zanzibar’ by Michael Morpurgo. We have been transported back in time to 1907 to find out about island life through diary entries which uncover some of the family mysteries left behind by Laura Perryman.


Please log in to practice your weekly spellings – EdShed  


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These are our key words for our science topic. Try to learn their meanings and spellings.  

Key Vocabulary  


All material in the Universe is made up of very small particles.    


A solid can hold its shape.  


A liquid forms a pool: it flows or runs but it can't be stretched or squeezed.  



Can flow, expand and be squeezed; if it is in an unsealed container, it escapes.  



Is the process of changing a solid into a liquid.  


Is the process of changing a liquid into a solid.  


Is the process of changing a liquid into a gas.  


Is the process of changing a gas into a liquid.  

 Mixture / solution  


Two or more materials combined together in a way that each remains unchanged.  

Where one substance is dissolved into another.  


Soluble / insoluble   

A material that can be dissolved.  

 A material which cannot be dissolved.  


reversible / irreversible  

Is a change that can be changed back again. Heating and cooling, evaporation and condensation are examples of this.  

 Is a change that cannot be changed back again. Burning, cooking and rusting are examples of this.  


Please read as often as you can and record it in your reading journals. There is also a space at the back of reading journals to record any other books you have read.